Mariangela Cordovana

Mariangela Cordovana has been interested in body care for as long as she can remember, using both natural methods and an holistic approach. She studies in Italy, in 2009 graduating in Sport Massage at CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) and then continuing with training courses in manual lymph drainage and chair massage. She has worked in squash clubs, specialist massage corporates as well as with private clients. After moving to the UK, she expanded her studies in anatomy & pathology and qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist (ITEC level 5 accredited).

Mariangela provides soft tissue therapy, deep tissue work and active-release techniques, such as STR (Soft Tissue Release), NMT (Neuro Muscolar Techique), PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscolar Facilitation), AIS (Activate Isolated Stretching), SCST (Strain Counter-Strain Technique) and MET (Muscolar Energy Technique) to ultimately help improve patients muscular/nervous systems and circulation.

She feels privileged to be able to offer her treatment to patients spanning a diverse age range and presenting an array of conditions. She firmly believes in the physical and psychological benefits of massage therapy, whether it’s for treating or managing an injury from endurance sports or alternatively for relaxing the mind and body after a stressful week. She enjoys working with her clients to help them improve and maintain their health as a whole.

Mariangela is very passionate about her work which has recently drawn her to a volunteer project at the St. Joseph Hospice in the “Core Hospice Service” team, that operates in the motor rehabilitation of terminally ill patients.
She also regularly attends certified CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses to expand her skill set. A recent example of this is Kinesiology Taping – a technique which helps to reduce muscle pain by giving support to avoid over-extension and over-contraction