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We have a wide range of great quality treatments.


We are proud to have so many talented therapists.


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Sports massage is a term given to the specific deep massage techniques used to treat injuries. The treatment works on the body’s soft tissue: muscles, tendons and ligaments. It can be used in conjunction with exercises for the rehabilitation of sports and muscular injuries. It can also benefit those who are experiencing back pain, neck and shoulder pain, perhaps as a result of stress or depression.


Minor injury is by far the most common musculo-skeletal problem. Conditions such as joint pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, sciatica or repetitive strain injury (RSI) can be extremely painful and may seriously affect an individual’s occupation, sport or quality of life. If not treated correctly at any early stage, a minor injury can lead to a more serious condition in the long term. A Sports Massage / Remedial massage can provide pain relief and treat the majority of such minor problems quickly and effectively.


“I was recommended to Kelly by a friend and thank goodness for that friend! 14 years later I still see Kelly on a regular basis either to help me stay fit or when I have a specific injury. She is excellent in diagnosing the problem and I find her so approachable with a real interest in my sport – tennis! I have always found her a delight to get on with and never felt anything other than relaxed with her. Her advice is always spot on in terms of the exercises she suggests to me having taken time to make sure I can carry on with these at home. All in all I can do nothing but give Kelly my highest recommendation to a practitioner who is fun, caring and extremely competent.”


“I have been coming to Healthwise since moving to Blackheath in summer 2007. I felt instantly at home in the welcoming, down to earth atmosphere. My first treatments were (and still are!) in reflexology with Christine, followed by osteopathy and herbal medicine with Wiebke and sports massage with Kelly and co. I found none of the therapists were ‘territorial’ as in some places, instead being the complete opposite – referring me to their colleagues to ensure that I got the right treatment at the right time – holistic care in the true sense of the word. The Healthwise ‘family’ have not only helped me to recover from various sports injuries and work stresses, but to find new ways to look after mind and body. Treatment is either focussed on a specific problem, or are more ‘MOT’ like to ensure niggles of all sorts are managed. I recommend them to anyone, and am pleased when a friend goes there because I know they will be well looked after.”


“I have been a regular Healthwise client for many years and would happily recommend their therapies. I have always enjoyed the friendly and professional atmosphere that Kelly and her team provide.”


I first visited Healthwise Therapy, on a friends recomendation in 2008, to help in my preperation to run the London Marathon, and i have never looked back, and I have been attending ever since on a weekly basis. I am a very active person taking part in an array of sports including running, football, boxing, cross fit, and yoga to name a few, and i feel it is only through the regular maintenance treatment i have had and continue to have at Healthwise, that i am able to remain as active as i am. The team at Healthwise are all very knowledgable, have a caring approach, and understand my needs, which in my opinion all help in dealing with any aches or pains i have, thus helping my recovery so i can continue to do what i love which is being active. I have recommended many of my family members and friends to Healthwise who have all benefited from the great treatment they provide, and will continue to do so.


I lifted my 2.5 year old son from the bathtub and hurt my back I was in a lot of pain I could not bend down . I called Healthwise and booked an appointment with Wiebke . After just one session I felt a lot better and my mobility improved greatly. I highly recommend Wiebke I know that if I have any backpain it will be sorted in one or two sessions, and the occasional ‘MOT’ maintenance treatment means that back pain is a thing of the past.


I have been a client for many years, and have enjoyed every treatment I have ever received in the Practice. The experience in today’s digitally enhanced world oozes with the personal touch. From the welcoming, cheerful receptionists, to the professional and caring Therapists, this place is a gem and more people need to know it exists!


“I welcome my regular visits to HealthWise. My health and energy levels have improved, and there’s an impressive range of therapies to help the body heal naturally. The practitioners are always welcoming, highly competent and knowledgable. For a high quality, caring, holistic approach to well being, I recommend HealthWise 100%.”


“My work requires me to travel a lot and as such I was always prone to lots of colds, two years ago I started I used use Wiebke’s herbal tincture to boost my immune system and it has been a huge success. Through consultations she was able to tailor the mixture to my specific needs and it has been very beneficial to my health, I couldn’t recommend her services more.”


“Healthwise have for many years been able to provide me with a thorough and reliable service for a number of problems before and since I had a hip replacement operation. All the staff in the reception are both friendly and professional and with the assistance of a network of various skilled practitioners the treatments that I receive from Healthwise continue to be helpful to my individual needs. “


Dr Priya was great – involving the whole family. Friendly and empathetic, Dr Priya was still a composed professional throughout. She gave us great ideas to help, with good success. I would recommend Dr. Priya to anyone.