I first visited Healthwise Therapy, on a friends recomendation in 2008, to help in my preperation to run the London Marathon, and i have never looked back, and I have been attending ever since on a weekly basis. I am a very active person taking part in an array of sports including running, football, boxing, cross fit, and yoga to name a few, and i feel it is only through the regular maintenance treatment i have had and continue to have at Healthwise, that i am able to remain as active as i am. The team at Healthwise are all very knowledgable, have a caring approach, and understand my needs, which in my opinion all help in dealing with any aches or pains i have, thus helping my recovery so i can continue to do what i love which is being active. I have recommended many of my family members and friends to Healthwise who have all benefited from the great treatment they provide, and will continue to do so.