Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a time of enormous change, especially if it’s your first experience. There are both physical and emotional changes to deal with along the path of motherhood. You may experience a range of physical symptoms including morning sickness, back, neck and shoulder pain or carpal tunnel syndrome and for some women this can be a time of some anxiety.

Feeling healthy during pregnancy depends not only on looking after yourself physically but also on how you live your life. During pregnancy you can learn an awful lot about your body, even improve your health, and get in touch with the intuitive aspects of your life. A Pregnancy Massage can help with these physical and emotional changes by assisting relaxation and aiding general well being throughout your pregnancy. It can help with the induction of labour and aid pain relief throughout the birth.

Your first visit will take approximately 1½ hours and will consist of a consultation, breathing techniques and gentle exercises, followed by a massage tailored to your needs. The consultation can also include your partner so as to introduce them to breathing exercises and simple massage techniques that can be used during pregnancy and labour.

Massage – 1hr £65.00

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